Sculpture rejected as duplicate, but isn't a duplicate

Hey all I submitted this one a while ago and it was rejected as duplicate. Reviewers probably got confused because there are two sculptures which look similar but only one is visible from street view, and the existing one has a one correct photo and one incorrect photo - which probably caused the confusion in the first place. Any thoughts on how to make this better?

Title of the Wayspot: Amara South Sculpture

Location: -33.918702, 151.198777

City: Alexandria, NSW

Country: Australia

Photos to support your claim: see attached

Additional information:

This nomination is for a second sculpture installation in publicly accessible areas. It is not visible on Google Street View.

This nomination is on the outside of South side of the apartment complex. It has TWO columns, and is located under a covered area, next to a garden bed. It does not face a main road. It is adjacent to a bike path connecting Botany Rd with Ralph St, which runs parallel to a drainage channel.

This nomination looks similar to an existing waypoint called "Amara Sculpture", between the East side of the apartment complex and Botany. This existing waypoint has 3 columns. It is not under cover and not near any garden beds. It is located here:,151.199297 - NOTE - this existing waypoint has two photos and one of them is wrong. The correct photo shows all THREE columns and is clearly not obscured. The wrong photo is of the rejected nomination, which has TWO columns.

Some satellite photos show blank ground from before the apartment complex was constructed, and a factory next door. Some show the apartment complex constructed. The complex was built in 2021. The complex IS visible on 3D Google Maps. The factory next door got demolished in July 2023. So the discrepancies between satellite photos, street views, and uploaded photos may be confusing.

I have included photos of the nomination sculpture (2 columns, under cover, near garden) and the path leading to it from Botany Rd. I have also included photos of the existing "Amara Sculpture" (3 columns, not under cover, not near garden) for comparison.

I hope this is helpful! Thanks. The attached images show access to the sculptures and hopefully clarify their differences.


  • 29andCounting-PGO29andCounting-PGO Posts: 1,879 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there a creative way to take the photo so it looks completely different from the other photo? Also, the title. I would call it something completely different, or maybe Sculpture #2.

  • NianticRNNianticRN Posts: 1,465 mod

    Thank you for submitting a Wayspot nomination, @xnr8-ING! We are unable to provide specific details for each nomination that is ineligible in this thread. If you feel that your rejected nomination should have been approved, you can now appeal it. Note you can submit only one appeal per 30 days. If you have already submitted an appeal, you may see an error when you try to appeal another nomination. Alternatively, we suggest re-submitting the Wayspot candidate after improving the title, description, and/or photo.

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