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Validation problem for nomination text - language compilation bug

supportmathisen-INGsupportmathisen-ING Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited August 11 in Report a Bug


Occasionally, an error occurs during validation of the texts of the nominations. More specifically, it typically applies to one nomination, while other nominations can be compiled ok with the same text.

See the attachments for example on this bug. I am trying to write "Informasjonsskilt for Vang in Valdres" (means - Information sign for Vang in Valdres). The compiler suddenly does not accept the Norwegian word 'i'. If I change to the English word 'in' then it's ok. It seems like a mix with the English/Norwegian compilation for this nomination, while other nominations manage the word 'i' without problems.. Do you have any idea why this nomination fails on text validation?



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