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Chciałbym w tej dyskusji poruszyć temat nominacji, których obiektami są graffiti. Moją intencją jest konkretne sprecyzowanie tego kiedy i jakie graffiti można zgłaszać i akceptować, a w jakich przypadkach nie. Nie chcę poruszać kwestii tego czego takie graffiti nie może przedstawiać, gdyż logicznym jest że nie powinno ono być wulgarne czy nieetyczne. Najbardziej interesuje mnie to na czym namalowane graffiti może zostać zaakceptowane, a także jak duże musi być.

Być może ktoś odpowie mi na pytanie - Dlaczego w miastach graffiti są bardzo często akceptowane, a na wsiach praktycznie nigdy?


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    To help here is a translation:

    In this discussion, I would like to raise the topic of nominations whose objects are graffiti. My intention is to specifically specify when and what graffiti can be reported and accepted, and in which cases not. I don't want to raise the issue of what such graffiti cannot represent, because it is logical that it should not be vulgar or unethical. I am most interested in what painted graffiti can be accepted on, as well as how big it must be. Perhaps someone will answer the question - Why are graffiti very often accepted in cities and practically never in rural areas?

    It is an interesting question, but there isn’t a simple answer.

    I haven’t come across a city v rural situation so can’t answer that.

    A key point here is the word Graffiti. This will mean different things in different cultures. It is open to interpretation and judgement. I have interpreted here to be the wider term street art.

    You ask what can they be accepted on. It could be a wide variety of things. Anything on single private residential property - including an outward facing boundary wall is out.

    Why should size matter? It doesn’t. A fun small well painted piece of street art in the right context can be just as thought provoking as a massive piece.

    Name tags are not art so not acceptable.

    If you submit a piece of art, any art, you have to accept people will “value” it in different ways.


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