Changes the location of the pokestop

kuba12664-PGOkuba12664-PGO Posts: 16 ✭✭
edited August 2023 in Nomination Improvement

Recently, my friend and I reported a pokestop and I was wrong with the location because the stations of the cross road look similar. Of course, the nomination was accepted, but not in the right place. Would it be possible for a niantic employee to change the location because there is a limit of 20 meters to move ?

The portal (Pokestop) is named ,,Stacja V"

Wrong location (Where it is now) - 50.82899233332007, 20.69705470368218

Correct location (Added 360 photo on Google maps to support correct location) - 50.8292196628289, 20.69528536350973

Please improve this location because I make sure that everything is correctly marked on the map.




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