Acceptance criteria for restaurant / business?

Hello everyone!

Under what circumstances should you accept a restaurant or business? I reject most restaurants unless they have won special awards or it is proven that the restaurant is of special cultural significance.

What criteria do you use to decide?


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    This whole “it has to have won awards” mentality is frustrating to me. Someone said it, someone else repeated it, and now everything thinks it’s the criteria. That’s not the criteria. The criteria is a great place to be social. Yes, it is very difficult to convey that in the confines of the nomination. But I never limit my self to “awards “, “special”, etc.

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    Like every submission under socialisation you need to look at that actual place and its context and use judgement as to whether to the local people this will be a great place to socialise. Put your own preferences to one side and look at with local eyes.

    And to submitters give those reviewers a way to understand it’s value.

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    Simply put: it must meet any of the eligibilty criteria and none of the rejection criteria.

    It turns out that in the eligibily criteria there's no mention about awards or "special cultural significance"

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    It doesn't need to be award winning, but you do need to demonstrate that it's a popular restaurant, as that is how it is specified in the criteria, and winning awards is just one way of proving a restaurant is indeed popular. It is by no means the only way, though.

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    Big pet peeve is a business with a description only showing the category. Really big pet peeve, I'd blow up asking if the business has awards and such to not need an introduction.

    I'd be less inclined to Google business nominations with no effort. Why reach a hand out if the submitter isn't? I'd expect "long-standing watering holes, favorite hyper-local hangouts, or even more regionally recognized [sic] cultural hotspots" have a story to tell or told in articles. Cool photos, an interesting location, or novelty amenities are also biases. Those and my experiences with similar businesses are things I look for for my subjective judgement.

    IMO best practice to alleviate experience biases is to convey how exactly does the <category> meet socialization aspects or a link explaining this culture assuming that the reviewer is a secluded individual wanting to learn how to socialize. Each of us have different experiences so the key is having the submitter's shoe available and assuming the reviewer does try to put on that shoe.

    I'd also consider some infamously horrible businesses, an inverse to award-winning ones, assuming they're still open. The few that have achieved meme status. The ones you are thinking about as you read these sentences. Gimme those postcards and keys!

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    Not what I had in mind but I can see why it can be considered horribly meme-able.

    Edit: anyone has this?

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