Sri Radha Madhanamohan Temple

I got this one rejected saying this is fake nomination. Idk how this is fake 🤔. This temple is actually there only u can see at 13.648298,79.430618 , this location. Temple members misplaced the location. Say it has fake nomination i totally loss hope to do nominations r maybe it's my bad luck in pokestop nominations. And I got rejected overhead water tank because of tree u can't see properly in street view at 13.649023,79.431702 .well I also can't find that tank in street view so I go to that location and check twice.



  • Thank you for submitting a Wayspot nomination, @PowerKing207-PGO! We are unable to provide specific details for each nomination that is ineligible in this thread. If you feel that your rejected nomination should have been approved, you can now appeal it. Note you can submit only one appeal per 30 days. If you have already submitted an appeal, you may see an error when you try to appeal another nomination. Alternatively, we suggest re-submitting the Wayspot candidate after improving the title, description, and/or photo.

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