Niantic's standards for people in public spaces is quite unrealistic [rejected appeals]

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Both @SerAmanda-PGO and I had two appeals rejected the last couple of days for similar reasons that both seem very unreasonable. After sharing with the community and discussing it we think it's worth raising these rejections here for discussion (and hopefully a comment from Niantic).

My appeal:


Both of us have made an effort so that the presence of people in the photos will be minimal. Naturally, seeing as those are public spaces that are meant for socialization, it's virtually impossible to take a photo that's completely people-free.

Now let me refer to the Criteria section on the Wayfarer website for a minute.

(From "Eligibility Criteria"; emphasis on photos with people that are actually closer to the camera than in either of the photos in the appeals above)

(From "Rejection Criteria"; emphasis on "as the subject matter" which was not the case in either of the appealed nominations)

(From "Content Guidelines" - no recognizable faces in either of the appealed nominations; or at least not any more recognizable than in the photos that Niantic have provided in their examples for "a great place to be social with others")

So my question is... did Niantic fail to properly clarify the criteria on having far away, unrecognizable people in photos of public spaces? Or did Niantic's appeal reviewers just... well... fail to read the Criteria section on the website themselves? Because no one we've shared these appeal rejections with actually thought they made sense.



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