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“Complete the Wayfarer tutorial to unlock!"

T37610-PGOT37610-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭


I would like to report this Bug… after I have sent some wayfarer candidates, my account became “suspended” for around 3 weeks, I contacted the support to know if my account was banned since I got some treats from other players and I was afraid I lost it because of stupid people creating their on criteria for wayfarer stops. But apparently it wasn’t the problem the support team said my account wasn’t banned or suspended and I should try to login on it again. Then it worked, however while trying to apply for a new wayfarer stop candidate it shows that I have to “Complete the wayfarer tutorial“ I have already passed the tutorial before and there is not way to complete it again since they don’t show me any tutorial to be completed.

I observed that other players have passed through the same, seems that it is a bug.

Could you please support me in that matter?

I’m looking forward for a feedback,


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