Photos of the wrong mural

Title of the Wayspot: Fast Engine

Location: 43.802006, -79.189262

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: n/a

Photos to support your claim:

The wayspot in question…

The POI is a mural of a train that has been painted on a concrete barrier on the Conlins Rd. bike lane. This was part of art project organized by the City of Toronto ( . The entire project is composed of dozens of murals by different artists and covers more than a kilometre of Conlins Road. Some of the pictures that have been added to the Fast Engine wayspot are of different murals along the bike lane. I imagine this is a result of other nominations that were incorrectly reviewed as duplicates and thus got added to the Fast Engine wayspot.

I would propose keeping the first two pictures. The third picture is questionable because the mural isn’t centred and half of the train is cut off. The last two pictures should be removed because they don’t even show the train mural.

Additional information:



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