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Accepted nominations don't appear in any game

Koalatronic-INGKoalatronic-ING Posts: 15 ✭✭
edited August 24 in Report a Bug

Hi, I know this may be a duplicate issue, so apologies in advance if so, but I can't find a thread with this specific issue.

I know some people complain about submissions not appearing in Pokemon Go, but I understand they could be live in Ingress but not make it to Pokemon Go (whole separate discussion as to why), but recently I've had several (well slightly over a few) that have been accepted or accepted on appeal, but thy don't appear in either game. I've played both Ingress and Pokemon Go for some time and I appreciate there may be other Niantic games that I don't play, but I hold Ingress as the 'Gold Standard', so am puzzled as to why something would be accepted, but not appear anywhere.

They aren't in areas that are stuffed full of portals/stops and whilst not quite to the degree of being rural, I do find it frustrating that I go to quite a bit of effort to make submissions and feel that a lot of the time, it isn't to any great benefit to anyone or to the area.

Is this a bug that they don't appear? If so is there a way I can push them through? Or is there just another level of implementation that I just perhaps don't understand? (which would be fair enough, but would probably make me rethink my commitment to submitting new nominations as I'm not seeing any benefit).

Thanks in advance.

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