Route rejection after being active for more than a month.

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Hello, today is a bad day for my community and for me.

The only route that I had accepted in my town, after weeks of doing it almost daily by my community and I, has been rejected for no reason.

The route is 1.1 km, the town is not much bigger, and I visited monuments, viewpoints and historical buildings (It is a beautiful town strategically located on a hill with a castle and watchtowers). It also went through a lot of pokestops with good pokemon spawns and gyms.

I checked the route and the text and there is nothing apparent for which it can be rejected, there are no spelling mistakes and the description practically says that it is a town with beautiful views and monuments.

I also do not know if visitors have rejected the route, the complaint button is dangerously close to the button to reverse the route and perhaps people do not know how to use the routes in reverse and could be another reason for complaint.

Having 2 more routes under review from the day I created them (July 7) that I give them up as lost and this route that I had but they have rejected me, my question now, since I cannot claim it in any way, is:

If I create a new similar route and later it can be claimed that it will happen with the other route, or if I can create another route where there was already a route.

I will try to do another route, a little longer just in case and without it being reversed, although it annoys me to go back without doing another route and to pray that they approve it soon, because they have rejected the route the day before the Go Fest.

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