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Multiple Nominations set the location to the first nomination.

GigiJude-PGOGigiJude-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭

I am new to the nominations, but thought I knew what was needed. I submitted 5 nominations in Guffey Colorado. The first location was our Guffey Library.

When I went to the second location, it showed the correct location in my app (before submission). All the rest of the way points had the correct locations. Again there was a total of 5. I chose to upload later.

When I got home and connected to a Wi-Fi i uploaded my waypoints. I did not know at the time to look at my contributions.

After my first rejection that said the location was not correct, I looked at all my nominations and the location was set to the first waypoint I did.

I withdrew the other nominations and will resubmit on at a time and not do the add another location option in the Pokemon go app.

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