Title edit wrongly rejected

Title of the Wayspot: George Vii Postbox

Location: 51.486597,-0.107551

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Additional information: In the UK, postboxes and pillar boxes are marked with the Royal Cipher of the monarch at the time they were erected (see https://www.postalmuseum.org/blog/royal-cyphers-on-letterboxes/)

There is not and has never been a King George the 7th - this postbox is in fact from the reign of Edward the 7th (1901-1910) and the person submitting the portal couldn't tell the difference between a G and an E written in cursive script.

(In addition, you never use lower case when writing Roman numerals.)

I submitted an edit for a new title 'Edward VII Postbox' - it was rejected incorrectly.



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