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A recently accepted POI proposed with POKEMON GO isn't appearing in POKEMON GO map. There is no reason why the POI is not appearing in POGO map.

The POI in ingress with the S17 CELLS and also WAYFARER LIGHTNING détails :

It should appear right beside the avatar.

I do believe that the reason why it is not appearing is because of another submission, that was proposed with the APP WAYFARER NIANTIC ligthning in the same cell (it's the same objet that was proposed). The submission is more ancient and never came to POGO map. This old proposition must be bloking the appearence of the new submisson.

These are the details of the POI proposed with WAYFARER NIANTIC app. it's an older proposition that never appeared in POGO map and seem to be blocking the appearence of the newest accepted submission.

You should look into this, I've found another case like this in my area.

This could explain why some POI that have all the conditions to be appearing in POGO, aren't appearing.

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