Wayfarer Criteria Update - Outdoor Basketball Courts

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Hello Explorers. 

December of 2022, the Wayfarer Team made an announcement informing Explorers that we were making a small exception to one of our criteria to include more Wayspots for NBA All-World. That change was to allow outdoor basketball courts on school grounds. At this time, we will be reverting that change back to no Wayspots on K-12 and under schools (preschool, primary/elementary, secondary/high school). 

This change will take place in the phases described below: 

  • Phase 1: Starting today
    • No more outdoor basketball courts on school grounds should be nominated 
    • Outdoor basketball courts on school grounds currently on HOLD should be withdrawn.
    • Outdoor basketball courts on school grounds that come up in your review flow should be rejected with a 1-star rating or reported. 
    • No punishments will be given out to Explorers who have their outdoor basketball courts reported as abuse for being on school grounds. This will be true for nominations made prior to October of 2023. 
  • Phase 2: Starting October 2023
    • Niantic will be removing outdoor basketball court Wayspots on school grounds by the end of October 2023. 
    • Explorers who wish to report outdoor basketball courts on school grounds through in-game methods can start to do so on Oct 1, 2023
    • Removal reports for outdoor basketball on school grounds will be removed
  • Phase 3: Starting November 2023
    • Any outdoor basketball courts on school grounds missed by Nianic can be reported by our Explorers just as any other K-12 Wayspot would for removal 

Thank you all for your support through these changes. Let us know if you have any questions about these changes. 

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Safe Exploring!

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