30 day ban from Pokemon Go and wayfarer to harsh?

Hello i got a 30 day ban from Pokemon Go and wayfarer for apparently submitting wayspots that didnt meet the criteria. I know Niantic is not happy with the wayfarer abuse in the Netherlands but this is way to harsh!! I didnt know i was submitting trashy wayspots in the first place. These marker poles got accepted in other cities/towns so i thought they would meet the criteria somehow.

A lot of players in the Netherlands are hit with this ban because some turbo nerds made a bot system that approves everything and Niantic is now banning everyone and anything that has something to do with low quality submissions. With no warning, Extremely harsh. If these marker poles in other cities didnt got accepted i would have not submitted them in the first place. Im sorry!!

I have been playing Pokemon Go since its launch everyday for 7 years with full dedication and just cant believe that i got banned for this so easily. I have submitted a ban appeal in the hope Niantic could unban me faster. I really hope someone from Niantic reads this and is willing to help me.





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    A lot of players in the Netherlands are hit with this ban because some turbo nerds made a bot system that approves everything and Niantic is now banning everyone and anything that has something to do with low quality submissions.

    This is the main issue of everything happened in the Netherlands. Despite having took action against ~1500 Wayspots including some of them already exist before this abuse happened, only 33 Wayfinders got sanctioned. And looks like the bots weren't included into the count.

    Come on Niantic, in the past you have took action against 63 Wayfinders who are "incorrectly" rejecting nominations came from a single submitter. Why didn't you do the same against bot reviewers?

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    Sorry if I mistyped. It's 67 Wayfinders.

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    I want to add that I hope this has also been educational for Niantic, and perhaps also a wake-up call. Wayfarer is rife with systemic abuse, and it continues because people have been able to get away with it and largely avoid significant penalties. Niantic needs to learn how to better detect abuse and shut it down quickly. This would make their database more accurate and send a message to other systemic abusers that it's not going to be productive, but a side effect is that fewer less-guilty people would get caught in the net.

    I started to type innocent in that last sentence but it's not the right word. If OP is telling the truth then their abuse was not deliberate. It's like if I got a ticket for driving 60 in a 30 zone because I couldn't be bothered to look at the speed limit signs... I didn't intentionally break the law but I could have easily avoided the ticket by paying attention to the information provided to me.

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    Hello and Welcome @19Markbogert95-PGO

    I have no knowledge of your individual case, so my comments are based on what you are saying and the publicly available information in a variety of places.

    I get your mix of emotions about what has happened to you. You have taken the correct step in appealing, and you now have to await that outcome which I hope is timely.

    From what you have written it comes across as you recognise that what you were submitting would not meet eligibility criteria. And that under normal circumstances they would have been rejected. You saw the change around you as new pokestops popped up and you thought why not? And joined in.

    I actually welcome that you are saying that.

    I’m guessing it felt like some naughty fun, that deep down you knew would come to an end, but while that gate was open you would make the most of it. I remember that feeling from when I was a kid, and I equally remember the feeling when I was caught, and the “fun” came crashing to an end and I was punished.

    So refreshingly this is not about I didn’t do it, but rather does the punishment fit the crime?

    If you search back over the 3 and half years this particular forum has been active you will find regular and repeated instances of submissions that are spamming low quality that are straight rejects, wrongly located, completely fake etc. These all have a negative impact on the Wayfinder experience. I believe the experience of being a regular wayfinder, putting in voluntary effort, should be a good one. While you were having your small bit of fun, other wayfinders were being impacted, but you didn’t stop to think about them. There is plenty evidence of the distress it was causing to Wayfinders centred on Netherlands but going wider. It also goes without saying it was affecting Niantic’s Wayfarer database. Of course they were going to take action.

    Previous sanctions were not being effective so Niantic have been quite clear, that if you inflict damage on one part of Niantic, the sanctions will apply across the board. It is clear from the reaction it has caused that this time people have felt the punishment.

    If it had not affected your Pokemon Go account, would your reflection on being caught been different? Would you have truly have stopped to think about? My interpretation is that it has stopped and made you reflect.

    Is the length of time too long? As I said at the start I have no insight into what exactly you have done, that is between you and the Wayfarer team. But we have had repeated assurances that the 30 day suspensions are because of multiple infringements, and your individual answer will come through your appeal.

    Each time you did break the rules you affected someone else in the Wayfarer community so it is meant to make you stop and consider that. Cleaning up this mess takes resources, and if these instances didn’t happen those resources could be used to make changes that would improve the voluntary efforts of all Wayfinders. So you were part of the problem.

    Use the 30 days wisely. Reflect on what has happened and your part in it. Learn from it, not just about wayfarer and Pokémon Go but there are wider life lessons to be had. I would like to think that although it’s an unpleasant experience now, it will become a small blip in the future, and you will be more aware of the consequences of your decisions and actions.

    You can use the time to look for new good submissions, they are out there.

    You can use your experience to say to others don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

    You can learn from this negative experience and turn it into a positive.

    You can be part of the solution.

    Its now up to you.

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    [quote]These marker poles got accepted in other cities/towns so i thought they would meet the criteria somehow.[/quote]

    I don't read he's been submitting the kind of coal we've seen in the other threads. Just trailmarkers.

    Now trailmarkers have been discussed to no end and the consensus was that they were allowed. Not just the nodes, but also the ones inbetween. Of course waymarkers look different in every country on the globe. And even within one country there can be many different kinds. Wayfarer criteria have always been different for various regions around the globe. We all know the example of how in the U.K every pub is a poi while elsewhere they are strictly forbidden. And now Niantic personel from the U.S. step in and decide that american waymarkers are fine and dutch ones are not?

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    So what do you propose to be an effective sanction that will result in people reconsidering their actions instead of blowing it off as inconsequential? The reason it is affecting both your game and Wayfarer accounts is that Niantic wants some bite in the sanctions handed out. If it only affected your Wayfarer account, most people will just ignore the sanctions altogether and continue what they were doing once the sanctions have been lifted. After all, their game accounts are far more valuable to them than their Wayfarer accounts, and they believe they are making their games "better" by nominating and approving "everything".

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    this is only the numbers from the reports in that thread. The resolved reports from other sources like the abuse form were not included here

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    The "pole numbers" are the numbers on utility poles, such as those that hold up electrical and telephone lines and street lights. These are not and never have been trail markers, not even close.

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    In that case you're right. I assumed he had submitted a genuine trailmarker, but I might be wrong.

    My point being: There are many different kinds of trailmarkers and it is impossible for Niantic to know them all (from every country) and thus it is always up to the interpretation of the local reviewers. Here are some examples of different ones that usually all get accepted (by human reviewers). It would be a shame to get a ban when in hindsight some of them would be labeled ineligible.

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    I would vote in her as a Ambassador, President, CEO something like that.

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    That's different though. There was a clarification (even if you think it was misguided) that the older UK postboxes could be eligible. That information came from Niantic, and even if views have changed since then, they were allowable.

    On the other hand, if you're submitting something that's never been eligible in the first place, and you're only doing so because you're looking at existing wayspots rather than trying to apply the actual criteria to your submission, then that's more of an issue.

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    But then there was a further clarification that they weren't (or at least, that's what people claimed). Bewr in mind, the majority of people reviewing aren't on here or other things, they only have what's around them to go on, so then when they see things being accepted, they, rightly or wrongly, will submit those. They shouldn't then be punished for what they thought, based on evidence around them, was acceptable locally

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    As I said in my piece. Whatever happened here will continue to happen while POIs which are not eligible are seen in the games. Nearly every country has something. Niantic create guidelines. They say what is acceptable or not. They have people smashing the system. They update guidelines.

    But there is little activity to clean up the DB. And while the non eligible nominations exist. People will see them live and go - oh they are acceptable and nominate the same things.

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    I would like to understand more of your point of view.

    As I said before it is refreshing to hear that you saying you did it, and clearly regret your actions. Thank-you for that.

    You talk of having doubts, and also no awareness of the bot activities.Was there a reason you didn’t try to check out those doubts beyond relying on what you were observing? Did the shear volume and rapidity of the of these being added to the game not strike you as odd and raise further doubts? If you had wanted to check those out where would you have looked for clarification?

    Regarding the suspension. Which aspects exactly do you feel are unreasonable?

    Would it in all honesty have had a major effect if it hadn’t impacted on your daily game play? Was it a shock to find both wayfarer and the game involved.

    Or is it the length of the punishment?

    You are clearly reflecting on what has happened. The interaction with Wayfarer the damage to its database and therefore the games feels distanced. How do you feel about the impact you had on your fellow wayfinders. For them it was and continues to be a distressing experience. Do you recognise the damage to them that your action (even if you did not mean to be malicious) has had and that Wayfarer/Niantic had to take proportionate action to help them.

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    @Elijustrying-ING thank you for your response. I never wanted to harm Niantic or the wayfarer community in any way, I simply didnt know i was doing something wrong and i regret these actions.

    I never use forums or any social media platforms, Its just me and the game. I didnt know there was botting abuse going on. Stupid me saw a lot of poles getting accepted everywhere ingame so i thought they would meet the criteria somehow. If they just didnt got accepted in the first place i would have never submitted more of them. These poles were also located in a rural area with absolute nothing nearby. They all got Removed, isnt that a punishment and lesson by itself?

    The punishment is to long. 1 month of missing content in pogo is extremely painful for a veteran player like me. After 7 years it became more a life style instead of simply a game(yes im very addicted...) I feel really sad and havent been outside ever since my ban. I hope Niantic can forgive my actions and hope they release my account soon so i can go on adventure again.

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    Friend, if you haven't been outside since the ban, Niantic may have done you a favor. It sounds like you are way too addicted and need a little more balance in your life.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 4,224 Ambassador
  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 4,224 Ambassador


    Being brought to a sudden halt like that will come as a shock to you. As someone who plays every day and uses it as a release from the stresses of everyday life - Had a hard day, lets go beat up a virtual dragon 😎 - I can empathise with that loss.

    The hardest part is to accept a role in that loss, we all make stupid mistakes we regret, we are human.

    It is a suspension and it will revert and you know when it will it revert. That much is clear. If your appeal is successful it is best to think of it as an unexpected bonus. Plan on the 30 days.

    For your own well being you do need to try and find something else to focus on that keeps you moving and helps you put this in perspective - it wont feel that way now but that's what you need to aim for. As part of the learning from this you could reflect and start to look for positive things you could redirect your considerable experience to. Perhaps since the community was affected by the bigger situation that you unwisely became part of, you could try to think of a way to give something back to that community during this time. Perhaps online, perhaps in person. I guess it may be too early but often good can come out of bad situations if you try to find a way.

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