Nominations inside buldings.

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Hello friends.

Alot of people are nominating art and statue's inside restaurants, colleges and places like this. You can most of the time still spin the PokeStop when the restaurant/school is closed, but I would love some clarification of these nominations are inside the rules or not.




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    If a nomination is eligible and acceptable, then it doesn’t matter if it is outside or inside. It also doesn’t need to accessible all the time. There is no difference between a statue in a park that is closed every night, from a statue in a building that is closed every night.

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    Linking relevant entries:

    Indoor vs Outdoor

    Indoor nominations are eligible, so long as they are publicly accessible to some capacity (e.g. inside a library or business with limited hours of operation), and where small groups can congregate and play comfortably. Note that nominations on private residential property are ineligible.

    How does “publicly accessible” apply to locations that have limited access, like members-only clubs, gated communities, time-restricted areas? 

    Just like with the definition of private residential property, this guideline hasn’t changed. These locations would still be eligible, including restricted areas on the grounds of a company’s headquarters or behind locked gates so long as there wouldn’t be objections to you entering the area and the location is accessible to some folks. We do not expect all players to have access to all locations but we strongly recommend following real-world rules while attempting to access locations.

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    Thanks for the update 👍

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    I take issue with the fact that everyone cannot access spots that are inside non-public buildings and gated communities. My problem is not that others can get to these stops and I cannot. My problem is a gym popping up as nearby and I cannot get to the spot to raid as it's inside a gated community or building that I cannot get into during normal business hours. If it were just a regular stop it wouldn't be so bad but to waste my time going to a gym for a raid that I cannot get close enough too is outrageous in my opinion. Gyms specifically should not be inside of a gated community unless it can be accessed from the street and or sidewalk outside of the gated perimeter.

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    They're perfectly within the rules of wayfarer. Wayfarer spots do not have to be accessible by everyone, just some people.

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    My biggest problem with a lot of these indoor nominations, and I know this is slightly off-topic, is that most of them are just wall decorations. There’s not a restaurant or an office building that I’ve ever been to that doesn’t have wall decorations in the form of some painting, hung in a frame, or painted directly on the wall. Yet, I’ve read many times people giving advice on these pages when someone says “oh no that building or business is not eligible” but check inside maybe there’s a mural that you can nominate.

    Unless such a mural or painting would actually make people want to come to the place to see it specifically, for me it’s just coal, but I see them approved all the time.

    I agree, if something meets the eligibility criteria and does not meet any an eligibility criteria even if it’s inside a building, it should be accepted, it’s just I hardly ever see anything nominated inside a building that truly meets the eligibility criteria.

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    A mural definitely adds to the atmosphere in a way that a framed painting doesn't (or may not). If they took the time to pay an artist to paint a scene on a wall, they did so *to draw* people there. When you see that, it appears like a commitment to the community that the place is going to be open for a long time and wants to build itself up as a hang out spot. The way that framed art may be different is when it is unique or is actually memorabilia. Like, maybe the place offers local artists a place to showcase their framed art which can then be purchased right off the wall. In that case, I'd submit that as a mini-gallery instead of submitting one particular piece of art.

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    Hello and welcome @TheGameCrazy1-PGO

    Wayfarer is about accepting places into a game neutral database. It is then up to the individual game developers to select what they want to use.

    Wayfarer have determined that as long as some people can access a place that is all that is required, it doesn’t need to be accessible to everyone all the time. The gym creation rules are set by pokemon go. So you just need to become aware of your game area and what is accessible to you.

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    I think there are too many assumptions in what you say. Maybe they paid an artist to draw/paint something that would attract people, or maybe it’s just another sub shop with the umpteenth version of the same tired mural. I dont mean all murals are ineligible, they just have to be a great place to explore …something really worth seeing, not just something to make a blank wall no longer blank, which a lot are.

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    I despise indoor wallpaper or amateur murals because they are everywhere. It's not real art and usually hard to verify location. If you disagree with me, then we should stop reviewing and Niantic should automatically put a Waystop in every for-profit commercial business.

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    I don't think there is a lot of assumptions in what I wrote. I'm going by the commonly accepted usage of the term "mural," not what Wayfarers may try to pass off as a mural.

    Words have meaning and we should stick to them.

    Wallpaper is wallpaper, not a mural.

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    Right, but as the description says…any piece of artwork painted or applied…” that would include boring generic stuff. As they say art is in the eye of the beholder….

    I am just saying murals should not be automatically considered eligible. They need to be judged independently and meet the criteria requirements.

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    It is not our job to be art critics. I'm not going to see a hand painted mural submission and decide whether or not to approve it based on how "pretty" it is. If someone spent time painting it and the owner paid for it, there was a purpose behind it.

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    That’s not at all what I am saying, and I find it worrisome that an ambassador would argue to accept all murals without judging each submission on its own merit. From what I have seen and read, there is nothing that is categorically acceptable. Everything, even murals, still need to meet the eligibility criteria and not meet the rejection criteria.

    Yes, I think if someone submits the generic local screen mural inside a sub-shop, when it’s just like the ones found in any other of its chain, I can judge it as generic and not worthy of exploration.

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