pokestop at 13.735341,100.427916 is a school


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    If you think it’s on K-12 grounds, report it via your scanner/Pokémon GO app.

    I don’t know the area but from having a look, I don’t think it is.

    The address does say it is a school but there are two roads in to this location. One is marked as the church.

    The other path has a gate outside and a further gate inside and notes it is a school.

    Driving further down the “church road”, I can see this building which I would guess is the church.

    Driving down the “school road”, I can see this building which seems to have students out the front and a minivan arriving at it.

    So to me, it seems that this is the school and the other location is the church.

    Thus, the location is not a school. Google Maps backs this up too.

    The church is also already a Wayspot

    It could be argued that the entrance Wayspot needs to go as it could be considered a duplicate of the church. But it’s not a school, it’s just near to one.

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