Timeframe for changes to reflect

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Hello Everyone!

I've had the great experience of being able to submit a POI that has been accepted. After that however, I noticed that the location was kinda off (either I must've have placed it while not zooming in on the map all the way or it has been moved, since it is quite a bit off if looking at the map).

I've raised a ticket with the Support through the chat function (Hats of the the person who helped me) to request the location to be moved to a more precise place and the person mentioned I should be able to see the change shortly.

Another thing to add is, although this move has been small, it would put this POI in a s2 cell that is currently empty. Does that mean it would create a Pokestop? I can see the POI in Ingress, but it's still at the old location.

I assume everything syncs once a day?



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