How to report a Fake Wayspot from Pokemon Go?

I came across a new wayspot (pokestop in Pokemon Go, but also exists in Ingress) earlier this week. It was a new one with the title "Lego Man" and it was clearly a fake. They made it look as if it was some kind of tile art, but the photo looked Photoshopped and it definitely does not exist, and never has existed, in that location or anywhere nearby. I walk through that neighborhood almost daily, I definitely would have seen it.

The only option I saw to report the spot was by selecting "Invalid Pokestop" and then "Permanently Removed". Did I miss something, or is there no option to report a fake? Because I feel it's important to distinguish between a stop that was removed and a stop that was never there to begin with, which I would consider abuse. I'd love to see more stops in my neighborhood, but not like this.

If anyone from Niantic is reading this, the coordinates on Google map are 51.48065938351853, 5.665927996325685 and the spot's title is "Lego Man".


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