Trying to understand cells!

I have taken the Wayfarer test and passed. I do not recall seeing anywhere on there it says there can only be so many spots in an area. My significant other took his test last week. I reviewed everything with him (to refresh my memory). I didn't see anything on there again. When did the criteria for having so many within a cell come up? How come there are areas around the world where you don't even have to walk to hit more than 20 spots, but my little park full of historical art, sculptures, murals, etc. cannot have one next to the other?? I am truly trying to understand this and not be a ****. It gets aggravating nominating and getting things turned down saying "duplicate" when it isn't or not historic. Thanks!


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    The proximity rules for each game are not a part of Wayfarer itself. The cell rules have existed in Pokémon Go since the beginning of the game, but the Pokémon Go dev team has never publicly acknowledged them. Players did research and figured out how it works. Your acceptance emails do state that not all wayspots will be eligible to appear in all Niantic games though.

    There was an oversight a couple of years ago where location edits didn't get checked against the cell rules, but Niantic fixed this as people were misusing the edit function to create dense clusters that went against the intended proximity requirements. However, they never retroactively applied the fix, so any location edits from before then were still allowed to remain in game. This is why you may see some locations with more than one Pokéstop or Gym per level 17 S2 cell. Sponsored locations can also somewhat bypass the rules.

  • Where can I see the rules about the cells and these levels?

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    Hello and welcome @AgtMestayer-PGO

    if you Google Pokémon Go and S2 cells you will be able to find information- I recommend the the Pokemongohub article (for a bizarre reason I can’t actually paste a working copy here).

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    Cells are a Pokémon go thing. You're nominating and reviewing wayspots for wayfarer, then it's up to each game how they want to use all the data.

    If you wanna learn more about cells search in Google, Niantic doesn't want us to talk about them here.

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