Are UK postboxes allowed?

This is the only posbox in the small hamlet of Little Ouse. The style is ‘Lamp Box Pier’ and can be found on an OSM 52.476598, 0.382425. It keeps getting rejected.

we desperately need pokestops where we live, we have no shops just a small row of houses surrounded by a small river and farmland. The postbox is by the road, but it’s the only road in and out and the only **** of grass for kids to play on, we don’t even have a playground, shops or space to play other than alongside the road as the rest is farmland. Any ideas how to get this allowed, please?

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    There are so many ER II mail boxes (70,000 ish I seem to recall) that they're basically generic mass-produced items (there's the odd exception like silver jubilee boxes). Arguably boxes from George IV and V (still very common) are also generic mass produced items, but they are sometimes voted through. Victorian and Edwardian boxes are likely to be accepted because of their age and comparative low numbers.

    You can report the church in app - click on the photo.

    As to being so remote, unfortunately the games favour city dwellers. Trail markers are a possibility in rural areas but it can be hard finding valid wayspots.

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    Thanks for your reply, I have reported the church myself. It was very odd because of was rejected and then out of the blue it appeared on the map, only yesterday, creating a gym on our only other pokestop. I don’t want to get banned for this, especially when I was not the one changing it to accepted. But appreciate that someone somewhere was probably trying to help us and didn’t check it thoroughly when they did. Sadly we’ll lose our only gym now but we only had it for a day so we won’t miss what we’ve never used yet lol

    thanks for your explanation about the post boxes. It’s a shame they can’t be used as they are still a piece of British history and the Queen has now died.


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