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Upgraded nomination stuck in voting

On October 5th 2021 I submitted a nomination called Triciclul cu Cafea at these coordinates: 47.6407,26.234145. I considered it a great nomination: a beautiful mural on the wall of a nice little coffee shop. I upgraded it and it entered voting, but it was just stuck for almost a year and a half.

On March 3rd 2023 I got an email with the subject [Action Needed] Check previous Wayfarer Nomination Triciclul cu Cafea. I am sure Niantic Support knows this type of emails. The nomination was put on hold until I reviewed it and then I released hold and once again it went to voting. It was supposed to be prioritized, with additional internal review to improve turnaround time, but 6 months later the situation is no different than it was almost 2 years ago.

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