Hiking/ footpath entrances with no tangible landmarks of any sort.

I have been running across the above very frequently. I have been rejecting these based on the submission photos being of the literal dirt/ open space surrounding a trailhead (and by trailhead, I mean the start of a dirt path). These submissions do not contain trail markers, informational signs, rock formations, fences, or anything visually unique or tangible. I do admit that these areas are excellent for outdoor adventure; they encourage walking and are lovely places to meet up with friends and strangers alike; however, the "physical, tangible, and identifiable place or object, or object that placemarks an area" aspect does not exist in any way on these submissions at all.

I am doubting myself because I continue seeing so many of these submissions (of which I know that quantity means nothing). Admittedly, I am very new to reviewing and would love to keep my input accurate at all costs, so please do lend me a hand.

Should trailheads with no signage or other standout objects be accepted?


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