Will Wayspot spamming madness in Gdańsk, Poland ever end?

Is there any hope that Niantic will ever restore the order and ban abusers so they do not destroy the game for everyone else?

I'm talking about users who create hundreds of very low quality Wayspots in a historic center of Gdańsk, Poland. Here is just one example

screenshot above is taken at 54.34941,1865665

Several streets were recently "fixed" by Niantic, as a result only few wayspots were left there.

Here is how one of these fixed street looks like now

This is was taken at the very center of the Old Town in Gdańsk, Długa Street, at approximately 54.3493148,18.6501322

@Niantic, are you really powerless here? Is there any official way of creating a support case to report abuse?



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