Misuse of Wayfarer Location edit in Hamburg

Title of the Wayspot: Malina-Coffee & Stories


Original Location: about 53.591416/10.045648

Hellbrookstraße 61

Location now: 53.591807/10.045648

Schwalbenstraße 57

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

There is no rejection mail as the Portal was moved from one location to the other by upvoting a wrong picture (that of the Bakery instead of the Coffee Shop)

Additional information: The wayspot is one of many that got removed and changed during the last years in Hellbrookstraße. It seems to be done on purpose to restrain especially one active player in our community. Especially Barmbek and Wandsbek are involved in strategic wayspot removal and change. I am not one if the players involved. However as it is now affecting the whole of the community and even new players I want to show this as the first example. Someone added a new photo of the Bakery and upvoted that picture and then changed the position from Cafe to Bakery which are 2 different places and addresses. Please change back, thank you. (We upvoted the right picture again now)


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