Himley hall park woodland adventure trail (this is permanent yet rejected)


Himley hall park woodland adventure trail


A all new permanent woodland trail at himley hall park, scan the QR code to reveal many things about natures animals at himley.


Himley Hall, Himley, Dudley DY3 4DF, UK (52520074 , -2167384)


Sun, 3 Sept, 16:18


I work at the golf course and have been for 10 years, very good friends with the care takers so, I've asked if this was temp and they said no, a proper sign is due this month, its a way for the families in the park to enjoy themselves so more is coming soon. This was rejected under Temporary or Seasonal Display even with me saying its not and that i work there and i am on good terms with john the care taker, i get some places have these as temp but they do become permanent after a while.


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