Portal moved as abuse

Title of the Wayspot: TRT 2

Location: 41.116213, 28.970849

City: Istanbul

Country: Turkey

Photos to support your claim: Attached!

Additional information: The portal is in a TV studio campus, can be accessed by over 300 people and I work there. But other faction can not get in the campus. And there were some links on the portal. So what do they do? They move the portal to the entrance of the campus. It can be seen on google maps that the portal cant be there. There is only a security outpost and old location way more accurate. That's a clear abuse of either wayfarer or trusted agents. As it can be seen on the photos and the exif data the portal is clearly in the building of a national tv station and whomever moved it did it maliciously to gain advantage. And here's the link of google maps https://maps.app.goo.gl/UBJCqGeXesRWbC68A

Also the correct place of the portal should be here:




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