Bike station It's a good waypoint?

I started by reading that a suitable waypoint should stimulate exploration and exercise

I didn't find much about bike station

unlike the usual bike sharing, these stations are fixed and always supplied by the municipality of Milan. The service is called "bikeMi".

The totem supply a map and some minimal indication of the area

the waypoint photo proposed

An example text: "BikeMi station for parking and collecting bicycles to explore the area of Cascina Merlata park. The totem presents various information about the area to facilitate orientation and exploration"

the supported photos

The street view link ->

how could this stop be best proposed?

It's an elegible waypoint?

thanks to everyone


  • gorgi1978-PGOgorgi1978-PGO Posts: 88 ✭✭✭

    I have doubts if this one would be eligible. I don't see how it answers any of the questions:

    Why is this a great place for exploration?

    Why is this a great place for exercise?

    Why is this a great place to be social with others?

    It delivers the tools to exercise, but the location isn't any of these.

  • I try to aswer to your question but i think that a waypoint not need to satisfy every criteria proposed. I explain:

    Why is this a great place for exploration?

    because you get a bike and explore the area like a similar bike trails

    Why is this a great place for exercise?

    because you use the bike to go around the park?

    Why is this a great place to be social with others?

    as multiple waypoints do not need to meet every criterion. In bar you socialize, but you don't do physical activity or exploration

    All bike sharing it's equal to every part of Milan

    I think to the fontains around the country or bike trails. Are equals in every part

    what do you think?

  • Faversham71-INGFaversham71-ING Posts: 696 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I see these as akin to car rental places - more about transport than exploration. I don't think they generally promote exploration in themselves. Now if they're accompanied by a map showing cycle routes to local historical buildings/points of interest I might be more sold, but that would largely be the map... Similarly I think they're more transport focused than exercise focused - in what way is using a hire bike to get from A-B anymore exercise than walking A-B?

  • Leedle95-PGOLeedle95-PGO Posts: 217 ✭✭✭

    There was a similar discussion recently. Some people vehemently disagreed and thought they should be eligible. I agree with the two previous posts. For me, it’s a kin to an athletic shoe store. Shoes stores are a great buy trainers, basketball shoes, etc, all of which are intended for exercise, but the store, like the bike stand, is just a place to go get the tools for exercise, not part of the exercise or exploration itself.

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