AI auto-rejected a town fitness station as a duplicate.

I just nominated a set of these fitness stations as various different fitness stations along a major town trail. Only one is currently a waypoint, and I nominated the other 5, each with different exercise equipment and spread out along the trail.

Everything in the center of town takes 1-2 years to get resolved in voting (which sucks), so I was expecting them all to hang out in queue for a year or more. looks like this one went to Al reviewing right away and got scrapped as a duplicate. Human reviewers should readily recognize the uniqueness of these.

Theoretically, it would be nice to have Al assistance so that these wouldn't take 2 years to be added. But this is bad, and it's going to continue being a big problem with auto-rejecting solid nominations because they are visually similar, which is common for fitness stations, trail markers, etc.


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