Does this meet the criteria?

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Hey. does this not meet the criteria?

this was rejected a second time and this gym chain has multiple waypoints. below are some examples. however, these are in a different city. thanks if you still check eligibility

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    Yes if it meets all the criteria and should pass if the nomination is done well

    It is a fitness centre. I suspect people may confuse Liikku Kuntokeskus to an English set of words that may offend people (giggling very childishly to self)

    However - it exists

    Fitness centre Move – The best workout is a done workout (

    I am not Finnish. @VenySaurus-PGO To help us can you please go to your browser, log into wayfarer, go to the nomination and copy and paste the entire nomination from the browser page into the forum post here.. Including photos, text and address. We can then use translate to look at what is written and click on a map to find easily

    It may take a while to be seen as the photos will need review. We can then provide better help for the nomination.

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