Wayfarer Challenge - Sept 2023 Voting

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Hello Explorers, 

It’s time for our next Global Review Challenge and we’re excited to see where you’ll choose for us to venture to next. For this challenge, you will be voting on which type of journey you want based on the countries you wish to explore. You will have two options, each with a list of 3 new countries that we will explore for 1 week. Please vote for one of the two options below:

  • All Aboard! - You’ll have the opportunity to hop on a train ride starting in Italy, trekking through France, and ending in Germany! With the growing coverage of street view in Germany, we’re super excited to have it as an option. 
  • Aye Aye Captain! - You’ll be setting sail from South Korea, making a pit stop in Taiwan, and docking in the Philippines. 

All of the countries above have been pre-selected based on several criteria. One of those criteria being the number of unresolved Wayspots, therefore we’re excited to help out these communities by having them collectively host us for 1 week. We’ve decided to change from a 2-week challenge to a single week to make it more sustainable as we continue to host challenges in the future. 

The voting period will start today and continue through September 25, 2023 at 12:00PM PDT at which point we will officially announce the winning countries. See below for a timeline of the whole challenge. 


  • Voting - 09/20/2023 - 09/25/2023
  • Challenge Kick-Off - 09/27/2023
  • Challenge Ends - 10/04/2023
  • Reward Distribution - 10/05/2023 - 10/18/2023

Full details about the challenge (tiers, rewards, eligibility, new individual counter, etc) will be shared in the upcoming announcement of the challenge. Lastly, similar to the last challenge, you will be using the Wayfarer Challenge setting to opt-in and out. 

Looking forward to the votes!

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Wayfarer Challenge - Sept 2023 Voting 9837 votes

All Aboard - Italy, France, Germany
53% 5284 votes
Aye Aye Captain - South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines
46% 4549 votes


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