What is going on with recent results, people using bots or did niantic change something?

I got 16 results this week, most of them are rejected. Normally the waiting period for submissions from this area, without any event is 6 months to 1.5 years, getting 16 results in 4 days has never happened in last 6-7 years.

4 of them are marked as "fake", temples visible in satellite view /street view....FAKE.

Few examples 👇🏼

Library: "pedestrian access"


Cricket turf: " Nature feature"


Playground set:

in park (visible in street view)

"inappropriate location" + " Natural feature"


Inauguration plaque of the park:

(with park name and address, park which is clearly visible in satellite view) "Fake"


Now I'm seeing reports of game accounts getting banned for making submissions which are marked as fake.

300+ of my nominations are live on map right now & I can give proof of their existence for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM

I'm 90% sure some people here in India are using bots for review.

Did I miss something ... I don't know what has changed recently but definitely something weird is going on.


If possible,

I would like niantic to look into my nominations which are marked as fake recently.

I can't resubmit those nominations, I live 300km away from that location & I get a chance to go there only once or twice (if I'm lucky) in one year.

(Please let me know if it is allowed/possible to look into my nominations manually. I'll share those nominations in comments)

I don't want my account to get banned because of some Wayfarer bots.


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