3 legit waystops removed in Tychy

Titles of waystops: Mural Dostojny Flaming i Byczy Recydywista ; Mural PATUS ; Mural SERA

Country: Poland

City: Tychy

Location: 50.107151,19.007502 ; 50.093777,19.005860 ; 50.093779,19.006082

Supporting videos:



Legitimate waystops were removed a few days ago. They are located in underground passages under Beskidzka Street in Tychy. The person who reported them for removal looked at them from the driver's perspective, so he did not know that they were accessible to pedestrians. These places are completely safe, one of them is under the viaduct. Even though there are railway tracks next to it, there is a wide sidewalk with stairs at the end. Two other waystops - Mural PATUS and Mural SERA located in an underground passage next to which a river flows. It is located in a tunnel accessible to pedestrians, which is confirmed by the presence of a pedestrian crossing a short distance away that connects both sides of the river. Please bring back legit waystops to games.

(Something haplened with my text, because I used google translate but it is avalible)



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