Please help, nomination rejected for "mismatched location"

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Recently, I put in a nomination for a trail marker. When I checked at 12:30, it was still in the queue. When I checked at 2:30, it was already rejected. This may be due to using an upgrade so it gets out quicker, but I have no idea. My best guess is trolls or auto-rejection software. It was rejected for mismatched location, even though it is clearly in the same location. Attached are photos of the rejection, the spot selected in Wayfarer, the aerial view from Google Maps, and the same area on the ground in Google Maps (the on-ground Google Maps pic is slightly back to show the small street off to the side, the nearby house, and the sign.) I also can’t appeal right now because I have another one being appealed. Is there anything that I can do?

* NOTE * If you notice any other problems with the nomination I would love to hear them, just frustrated because this is my third nomination rejected in a row and I feel like this rejection is just ridiculous. Thank you.

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    My question here is whether this is part of the trail itself, or whether it's pointing to the trail. There is a difference. One would be an eligible trail marker, the other would be generic directional signage. I only ask because the arrow is on a separate sign, and the description only further confuses the issue by calling it both things.

  • There is not an actual, physical trail, there is a network of these signs surrounding local parks that make up "The Trail" so that birdwatchers may be watching for particular birds along this network of signs (I'm basing this off of what I've reading on its website). Thank you for pointing that out, however. I will try to make it clearer next time. I'm still confused about the "mismatched location", though.

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    I would not nominate that. In U.S., metal street signs by the road are almost impossible to become Waystops. On top of that, the property of a private residence goes all the way to the street curb.

    Besides, it's awkward driving up to the front of someone's home while neighbors are outside and looks at you in a weird way.

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    I agree with the others. The sign is a directional sign to the park (A J Henry park) which is part of the birding trail system, so not a trail marker. It’s also right in front is someone’s house, not on a trail. What about nominating things at the park?

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    I would not concentrate on the Mismatched Location reason. That could have been just a single person who picked that. By far, your bigger problem here is Other Rejection Criteria. That means people just don't think this qualifies under any criteria. And from what people have told you above, it looks like we on this forum agree with that assessment.

  • Alright, thanks everyone, I didn't come with high hopes but you guys have helped me sort it out. That's too bad, I guess I'll have to find a different spot. But once again, thanks, you all were super helpful.

  • I have a very well used open horseback riding trails area by my house and there are meets in the area when people join up for riding events often. Sometimes also some family's or local people meeting up to go out on all the open trails and ride as well. We can also hike here, south, east behind the residential areas which is just there (39.374858,-119.366147) copied for exact location on maps in silver springs/stagecoach Nevada... But we only have one pokestop and no gyms in our entire town/city. It's uncool. I don't even live near that city anymore and have stops close to where I live now but I feel for those friends I left behind with no stops, pokestop or gym anywhere near at all. There's one at the beginning of the town line at the fire station but that's way out of everyone's way and not close to anything or walking distance of anything either. But this location, 39.374858,-119.366147, is a tually where a lot of people meet up to set our on trails and they bring the kids along too... Any more in town would be a bonus but this location is central to the biggest town neighborhood which is why it is the meet up spot it is...

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    @EasyBeazy419-PGO, I would say you got that rejection reason because of the mentions of the park in the title and description. It's not in the park, so that's irrelevant. Personally I'd just call it "Trail Name - Street Name" 🤷‍♀️

    People on the forum are just that, none of us are an omniscient authority on the criteria (even Niantic staff get it wrong sometimes) and it's often subjective and nuanced.

    Many people won't agree with what others have already said here, but after so many obdurate statements against it, most also won't be keen to throw themselves under the proverbial bus with the dissenting views 🚌🎯😅

    I don't know the specifics of your area, but without the irrelevant references I would approve this in my area as something obviously encouraging exploration and exercise.

    I'm sure I'll get jumped on for a variety of reasons, but I think some very vocal people are overcautious about where PRP ends and aren't always right (you can check your local government info on property lines in your area, but this would definitely be well outside of PRP in mine).

    As far as being on the trail vs leading to it. It's a named trail sign on the street, which has been clarified as acceptable several times over.

    You need to work out if it's a sign to the trail or on the trail and not mince words in the description. It looks to me like it's part of the trail, but you're confusing a physical surface with the intended trail path. Again, I'd be looking for supporting resources (eg: website/map) for the route.

    However, even if it's just a directional sign to help people locate the trailhead, that should also be valid:

    Signs for locations/objects that are already existing Wayspots - Eligible, if they are a significant distance from the object or location. For example, a sign for a monument could be a separate Wayspot than the monument itself. If a sign for Wayspot is nearby the Wayspot itself, it can be used as a supplementary photo for the existing Wayspot.

    Hopefully this helps you get a broader insight, as I think this could be quite eligible, but it would be entirely dependent on the local PRP definitions and your ability to convey proper supporting details 🤷‍♀️

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