The inefficient system for accepting routes and advice for the acceptance of future proposals

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My City does not have any Routes, try to create some by walking through the center of it, visiting well-known places like churches and community kitchens but they are literally not accepted, in fact, they are rejected almost instantly, how are you supposed to get zygarde cells Or complete path following missions if they are all rejected? The Pokemon Go community in the city is non-existent, so I cannot carry out raids that require more than one person, but now I am also deprived of another gaming experience.

Can you give me advice so that they accept my proposals? from where I should place the beginning of the routes? so that they are accepted.


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    This is not a Wayfarer issue. Routes are handled by the Pokémon Go team. If you have issues with them, please message the in app support, or send a tweet to @NianticHelp on twitter.

    That being said, if you want a tip, it seems like Routes that are fully contained within parks will usually get approved quite quickly.

  • I don't really get how the aprovement system works but somehow it's tied to your account. I have submitted three route request and neither of them has been approved. My sister mimiced one of my requests and it has approved almost instantly.

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