Rejected Gazebo

I’m at a bit of a loss with this submission as I’ve had it rejected 3 times over the past year or so, and each time I’ve tried to improve the submission based on the rejection feedback.

Could people let me know what they think. Also, how long do appeals take to get looked at - currently got one in the system from 5 weeks ago - which is really short to submissions but not sure what the normal timeframe is.

Thanks in advance.


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    I really don’t know what advice to give. Maybe call it a pavilion?

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    Small shelter with one wooden picnic table is going to be a tough sell, as you have experienced. Why is this one spot somewhere we people really want to go to socialize? That’s the argument to make, but it’s a long shot.

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    Definitely try to take the photo closer as I can see why it got hit with low quality, possibly some supporting URL(s) about the location and what the location is for could help also. These are tough ones to go through as you need to right crowd, some see good place to socialise, some need evidence of a good place to socialise and others flat out reject for common/generic objects.

    Body part is an odd rejection reason.. I felt a bit uncomfortable realising I was searching for a 'body part'.. Depending on how you feel about this POI, you could try a resubmit with clearer/crisper photos or if you're confident an appeal and hope for the best.

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    Thanks @MsPacman111-PGO @Leedle95-PGO @KyleBaps-PGO for commenting.

    Leedles, I believed gazebo’s were good nominations as they are natural places for people to gather. Whilst it looks small, the area comfortably fits around 6-8 people. The attraction is that it’s a secure dog field where owners can let their dogs off the lead to play with other dogs. I’m the meantime the owner gather and socialise at the gazebo.

    Kyle, I wish I had more space to explain but always reach maximum words. I might adapt what is in the submission to something like the explanation above. One of my early attempts had the link to the Facebook page in the supporting info, but got rejected due to URL. I’ve also uploaded some photospheres to google so the area can be properly viewed. Will try to get a better picture of the weather pics up. The “body part” rejection was a bit random 🤣

    Ive only appealed one other rejection and so far it’s been sat in the system for 5 weeks. How long do they normally take?

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    @Flannery78-PGO Nice question. Good nominations

    OK. Couple of things

    Ignore the dogs. Ignore the paws. focus on the Picnic table. Don't need the word useful. Keep it simple. Do not go overboard on words. A suggestion. Nothing more. But it may help.


    Parbold Picnic Table

    Local community picnic table set in Parbold Community Park.


    A great place to socialise. Community picnic table also provides a sheltered place for people using the local dog park.

    Make sure your photo shows more of the table and structure and less greener. Even take photo early and edit on phone first then create waypoint and add from phone. Supporting photo should not replicate the exisiting main photo but have a view of the object/POI in situ with its surroundings. Do not need the sign for the park - particularly when the first word on the sign is private. Concentrate on a great photo of the picnic table in the park

    Re the Appeal system. Yes can take months. If not a year. They have really cleaned these up recently but your guess will be as good as the next person!

    Good luck

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    Thanks @rufoushumming-PGO some good pointers. It easy to lose sight of issues with your own submissions. Will try to be less fluffy and more direct with the info 👍

  • Flannery78-PGOFlannery78-PGO Posts: 8 ✭✭

    @rufoushumming-PGO wanted to say thanks for your help.

    I resubmitted with a structure as you suggested. It got rejected by the community, so I appealed and got the approval email today. :-)

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 1,192 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Flannery78-PGO Thanks for the update and thank you for your thanks.

    Well done on the appeal. Nice work :-) Onwards with more. Happy Nominating...

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