Wrong reasons to reject, Rejection abuse

The past 2 months have been full of bad reasons for rejection. I can not possibly appeal every single bad rejection ... there are too many. What can I do to fix this. The big issue is if every user gets their nominations rejected, it will just increase the number of appeals in the area. This makes me think rejection abuse or rejection for wrong reasons should be punished in some way. Fake nominators aside, it feels like there is reviewers who reject just to reject are really bad for the community and it seems they can not be stopped at the moment


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    Sorry for the bad grammar at the end.😅

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    Here are my thoughts...

    For the soccer field, it's hard to tell much about it from just the screenshot. Some sports facilities are shared with schools, if the pitch is very near to the school but not part of it then it can cause confusion. If it's a separate facility then maybe mention that in the supporting text.

    Park Gate: the rejection reasons don't seem to make sense. You might be better off mentioning the road or locality the gate is in, rather than it being the back gate. Perhaps show more of the park through the gate?

    Spa Waterfall Fountain: yes, that's a ridiculous reason to reject it. Did your supporting photo include a URL, on a sign perhaps? It shouldn't be a reason for rejection if it is only in a supporting photo.

    Painting Palette: it looks like there are a couple of these stores in Abu Dhabi, but not enough for a chain store. It's visually interesting, it would be good to confirm the location but there's not much in the way of StreetView. I would say that it's a bit marginal as the art shop itself is probably not a valid wayspot, but the sign itself may be. Perhaps resubmit with some supporting information about the location of the shop.

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    It would certainly help if we could see the full nominations so if you have time to post up all the info you submitted some can help evaluate anything you can do to improve them or if they are more likely the result of abuse or poor reviewing.

    I've also had tags applied to my nominations that make no sense and I personally believe there are some who need a brush up on eligibility and which rejection area to use.. But that being said, even if something is eligible, it doesn't mean it should be a POI. From what I can currently see of your screenshots, I would question them as many reviewers would.

    1) Without supporting image or location I cannot really review it but supporting info should always try it's best to show the surrounding area, if possible any supporting signage to back up the title/description and be clear. I often see a lot of parks/green areas submitted where the POI photo and supporting image are identical and streetview/maps show a construction site or a small **** of greenery not reminiscent of a park/plaza.. This leads a reviewer to make a call based on what they can see themselves and what is given in a submission - often declining due to uncertainty in what is being shown.

    2) Without more information I cannot tell if this was tagged wrongly or not sadly.

    3) I would ignore the URL as likely that is an uneducated reviewer misinterpreting the rejection criteria and would focus on the 'Other Rejection Criteria'. Without seeing your supporting, you would need to help reviewers understand why the place is a good area to explore, exercise or socialise. From the looks of the limited map data I can see, it is a nice little spa garden area so would be a good area to socialise but would need to be backed up a bit rather than just seeing a fountain in a spa if that makes sense?

    4) Similar to the above, this piece of art would need to be explained why it meets the criteria of exercise, socialise and explore. When the criteria mentions that, I often see people will interpret this as, I can walk here, I can talk here or I can explore here, rather than some meaning behind those criteria. As this would likely be under explore, why would this be a great place to do so? Why is this POI special or does it mean something culturally? Is it pretty unique or a cool unique local business? All questions a reviewer will be wanting to read. I often see someone post a picture of a shop sign for shoes and it reads "A great place to socialise/explore".. But is it? That said, I could see this one passing potentially with good supporting text.

    Good luck on them and hope this helps a little.

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    This is an irritating and very common problem that has been increasing more and more. I assume it is frustrated players trying to sabotage the game. I've had multiple "duplicate" rejections that are obviously not duplicates, some rejected as k-12 on a college campus, and others rejected no pedestrian access, when the sidewalk was clearly visible. I've had to appeal these erroneous rejections, which each has been approved so far which pretty much proves that many rejections are probably trolls.

    It just sucks that we only get 1 appeal per month. If our appeal is approved, we should be awarded another for that month.

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    Are you sure the ones that are marked as duplicates don't already exist in the database but aren't able to appear in Pokémon Go due to the proximity rules?

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