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I've had 4 waypoints denied during the event. I read on another discussion that denying submissions are quicker than approving a submission. Should I go ahead and try these again? One was a very historical, inactive cemetery (no one is buried there anymore and haven't been since the 1950s; it's only here for historical relevance), a grave of a local veteran from the early 1900s, an old baseball field that is still used for some practice but mostly used for dogs, and the ruins of a military building that has been ruins for 50 years, totally safe, and very historical from an old military post that was closed in the 50s. I mean, there's nothing wrong with ANY of them, but the last one was denied due to it being on a private residence?! Even on Google maps, it's clear it's in Novus Cemetery.

I'm super frustrated. There are 6 waypoints within 20 miles of here, and even the ones in town require a vehicle with three being on a highway with no sidewalks. Should I even bother submitting? I can't get a single waypoint approved here, yet I got a cemetery out of town approved with no problem.


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    Without seeing the submissions in question it's hard to help with the individual nominations but generally graves in cemeteries will be tough to get voted through, even with a lot of supporting evidence it's historical and important to the local communities (unless it's an obelisk or similar). I couldn't get Google maps to locate Novus Cemetery so can't really guide much on that without some more information.

    With disused courts/tracks/fields where a sport was historically played there you'd need a good POI (sign/old pitch etc) to focus on. If it's an empty field or paths around a field it can be difficult to get that accepted.

    On the last point I would need to see what it was before I could even begin to suggest any help on that one. These often come down to a case by case basis. Because one is accepted it won't mean another will. Different sets of reviewers, different circumstances etc.

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    My apologies, I misspelled it on my original post. It's odd because the original cemetery is called Corinth and that's how locals know it. I assumed it would be a fantastic waypoint because it's so historical with only the founding families buried there, and the last member of the family died in the 1950s. There aren't any burials here and haven't been since the 1950s; the cemetery is only still here because of the history. Honestly, it's not even well-maintained except mowing because it's for all intents and purposes a decommissioned cemetery. One of the denial reasons was mismatched location; the other was location sensitive, which is fine except every other cemetery, including very active ones, have multiple waypoints. I'm just getting frustrated because the waypoints in this area are in sensitive locations (except 2 churches and the post office on the highway) and require a car, and I know there have been younger people stop playing because of the lack and distance of waypoints.


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    You will likely struggle with this nomination in my opinion since there is little to go on from what I can see from Google Maps. The only way I think I could see this passing is with an historical sign that gives information on the history of those buried there as most reviewers will see it as a sensitive location and may not trust it being historic based on your supporting information alone.

    Unless you can locate a website or sign to support it I can't see the cemetery itself getting passed.. That's not to say if there's some POI's in the cemetery you may not be able to try those (avoid graves unless clearly historic).

    I've had a look around the area for you but only really locating good POI's around Route 44. I've noticed city hall doesn't appear to have a waypoint and there is a park north of there with various courts/activities you could try to nominate to join the skate park waypoint and also a church to the south if that's an option. Outside of that if you can locate a trail with markers/nature signs you enjoy visiting that could also be an option.

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