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Inconsistent nomination voting progress.

As you can observe from the attached images, two of my nominations have remained in the "In Voting" status for several days. This is an unprecedented occurrence in my region, prompting my concern.

Furthermore, I've encountered issues with my upgrades. On October 6th, I submitted and upgraded a nomination that entered the voting phase on October 10th. In contrast, another nomination titled "Gazebo in local park," submitted on October 7th, entered the "In Voting" category the following day. The algorithm governing this process appears perplexing.

Normally, I receive results within 24 hours of a nomination entering the "In Voting" stage. However, the mentioned nomination remains in this state, leaving me puzzled about the cause.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that I've submitted multiple nominations simultaneously in the past without encountering this particular pattern. Typically, my nominations would progress into the voting phase in a consecutive manner. This is the first instance where one nomination's result is pending, while another has already moved into the voting phase. The consistency and predictability of the process have seemingly been disrupted, which adds to the overall confusion and concern.

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