Portal too dangerous to access (possible road **** when playing ingress)

Title of the Wayspot: 안경

Location: 35.901061,128.591602

City: Daegu

Country: South Korea

Screenshot of the Rejection Email

Photos to support your claim: https://map.naver.com/p?c=18.28,0,0,0,adh&p=v1fg8chVvzW4RuC2Q_wBcw,85.28,0.42,80,Float

Additional information:

Since this portal was created a long time ago and is symbolic and a sculpture, it meets the conditions for portal creation, but it is extremely dangerous when pedestrians approach and destroy this portal.

To destroy that portal, you have to move from the middle of the crosswalk to get to that location.

At this time, the traffic light turns off and vehicles pass.

To destroy Resonator, you must prepare to become road **** and jump into the driveway.

I alreday tried it at 3 am. really dangerous.

Please reconsider whether it is truly a place where pedestrians can safely access.


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