Appeal of old now long unused school building rejected

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I recently got rejected an appeal of the building of a school in a small village, the building is one of the very few interesting spots in the village and now it is occasionally used by the town hall for some events, such as festivals or meetings and stuff. I think the building is a good wayspot because it's an interesting place, that has a small plaza in front and, as I already said, it's one of the most interesting buildings there. The rejection reason for the appeal was because "it is near a school area". So idk if closed schools are not allowed either (which wouldn't make much sense to me). Maybe did I not clarify enough that the school is closed? Can I resubmit or will that just get me to the same result?

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    Please attach a snapshot of the rejection with photos and description you nominated. Use the paperclip, below for prompt attachment.

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    That's what I submitted, I don't think there's much else I can do to prove it. Town is so small there's not really a source to prove that the school is not in use other than the obvious fact that there's basically no population.

    There's a plaque in the door of the school that could be useful if I resubmit (although it doesn't say anything super crucial, just that it was the school), but I hope I don't need it because I may not go back there in a good bunch of time.

    As a side note, the appeal got resolved pretty quickly for appeals (like 3 months) so idk if "colegio" is a banned word and it just gets ignored no matter what.

    Edit: Just giving a rough translation so you don't have to.

    Description: "School to which kids from the town went to learn years ago"

    Supporting information: "The building is located in an accessible small plaza that is occasionally use for festivals or meetings"

    When I appealed I just reinforced the fact that it's not in use.

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    What proof did you give? You can tell in the supporting text that the school is closed, but if it still looks like a school, and Google maps states that iti is a school (even temporarily closed), it will be rejected.

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    Ok so I commented previously so it may get duped, but the first comment doesn't show up now for some reason.

    There's what I submitted. A rough translation is:

    Description: School to which children from the town used to go to learn.

    Supporting info: The school is located in a small, easy to acces plaza, and is now occasionally used for meetings or festivals.

    On the appeal text (idk how to find it) I put even more emphasis in the fact that the school is closed

    Location wise Google maps shows literally nothing (the town is very small) that could affect the rejection reason since there's not really a way to check from it, you have to be there to see that it's true.

    There's a small plate in the buildings door that just reads that the school was there, and the symbol of the local authority so it's official and stuff, maybe I could try submitting that but I would prefer a way that avoids it because I may not go back there in a good amount of time and I don't have a picture of it right now.

    Also, the appeal got resolved in 2 months, which is extremely fast (I think), so maybe it just got automatically rejected for having the word 'school' in it.

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    It think it would be a very hard one to have this one accepted, as it currently is.

    In the title and description, you mention school, so that makes it even harder.

    The sign should give it a better chance of it being accepted. Furthermore, the title shouldn't state that it is a school. It currently isn't; its an event location or festival location. In the description you can state that it is a former school.

    Also, I'm not sure if there is a possibility send an update to Google maps, to reflect the new purpose of the building.

    Regarding the appeal time: niantic focussed upon reducing the appeal time, so two months isn't odd.

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    I see. Sadly I don't really think Google maps would update that way, basically because, although the building is used sometimes. It is on few occasions and is mostly closed. I wanted to submit it as a wayspot more for the plaza than for the building itself.

    I may try to submit the sign next time I'm around there to take a picture of it. Thanks for the help!

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    Hi. Abandoned properties is not properly addressed. In a search I found a few links on abandoned properties

    Use the search bar to play around on what you are looking for.

    That said you said it was a school. No evidence of the current event hall usage. In any future attempt I would focus on evidence of the hall being used as an event hall, with back-up evidence related to the closed school.

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    So I've had some previous schools approved. The way I did it, was by focusing on the history. I think the title for one of them was "historic one room school house", then in the description I called out when the building was built, the history as it relates to the town/village as a center for culture and education and then a short notation on how it is being used now.

    I feel like this has the potential to be an easy POI, but the description needs to be perfect. The supporting info can always include information on specific events that are held in the location as well to bolster the nomination, but history alone should be enough for this one.

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