Wayspots on niantic games

Hi everyone~!

I’m mainly a PokémonGo player and try to actively participate on the wayfarer as well as in my local Pokémon community.

My objective is above all to visually revalorize local spots through the images included in the pokéstop medallions. In order to promote my region but also to give to PokémonGo all the beauty and cuteness of the Pokémon universe. Currently, the pokéstops already active around on the map are visually disappointing.

I love my region and I love sharing it with my friends abroad. I also really like sending poképostcards to my PokémonGo trainer friends to make them discover the local attractiveness. So I'm always disappointed that I can't send back an interesting postcard to my trainer friends.

I try to do my best to take interesting photos, whether in terms of relevance or aesthetic quality. I recently created a very colorful wayspot. This wayspot have been validated...but unfortunately not as a pokéstop. It will appear on the map of another niantic game.

If you love to send poképostcard, you surely understand my disappointment.

Wouldn't it be possible to switch a less interesting pokéstop to another game to be able to get my pokéstop proposal in PokémonGo?

I know to some hardcore gamers it will seem ridiculous, but I really like the functionality of trading and collecting postcards and stickers. Some people are more into battle, competition and big stats, and I understand that! Personally I’m more into discovering and sharing, especially cute things.

Hoping an admin will read my post and be able to help…^^"

Have a nice day and sorry for my poor english level…



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