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Pokestop Stuck in Voting

This Pokestop has been stuck in voting for over a year.

Please note from previous posts.

Yes this has an upgrade option, however the voting has been in place since October 2023.

Reviewing a 100 stops for this seems a little redundant for this at this time.

Ive had another stops approved, I've had other stops been rejected, gone through the appeal process and won, and now in the game. I am wanting to keep bringing light to this issue. Since its very excessive at this point not to get an answer. I review stops as well, and am someone that supports this community I even have listened to the Pokémon podcast on pokestops. I do the challenges and yet I have no idea if voters can even see this, or if its getting a passive 3 and being moved on.

I would like some resolution on this item. Please help

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