Feedback on submissions

After having a mixed set of outcomes for my recent submissions and searching this forum for suggestions on how things could be improved or clarifications where I may have got things wrong, what is clear is that many people are all in the same situation. Regardless of how experienced submitters are, there are times when rejections don’t make sense and feel that feedback could be significantly improved.

A suggestion that I believe would be fairly simple to code and implement would be the outcome email (for both approved and rejected submissions) to show the average rating across the various areas that are assessed ie - should it be a wayspot; title; location; significance; visual; safe acces. This would help identify where a submission is falling short and either requires work to resubmit or confirm it will never be good enough; whilst also understanding if you’ve had one approved that just made it over the line so you can improve similar submissions in the future.

I’m not sure whether the community would agree with me, so comments of support could help get this raised up the agenda. Also, not sure the most appropriate Niantic people/ambassadors to tag, so have just tagged a few regulars I’ve seen, but if it’s someone else please tag.

@NianticAaron @NianticTintino @Elijustrying-ING @PkmnTrainerJ-ING


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