Routes - is there a good place for discussing routes

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I discovered I could submit routes. I created 3 on 10/01 and a 4th on 10/05. They are still under review. I would appreciate any direction on how to get feedback on route creation so I can move them forward or make them better.

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    Hi Erik, welcome!

    Wayfarer's don't review or rate routes so we can't really comment on that process. As for areas to discuss them and their creation I'd look to the official Pokémon forums personally. There's is a post on here also you could check out also while you're on here:

    You could also use Reddit or Discord but I won't link any here as I'm not sure it's allowed but a quick Google will locate the communities for you.

    Briefly from me, when creating routes I try to find an area that will benefit a lot of people with value in that area. Something that takes you through a park/trail, passing multiple stops/gyms can be great. I have found currently more benefit in the shorter routes so would avoid anything going too far, you can always submit a connector route later. Also be direct, when routes veer off for no reason when they could end at a stop before that could benefit more people. Plus even if it's near your front door, it gives you time to setup your buddy and game for the pokewalk before joining the route. Routes that people of all abilities can use can also be a huge help. Finally, avoid the 'awkward range' stops for start/finish. Nothing worse than having to lean into a fence or GPS drift to use a route.

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    I’ve had routes under review for weeks. Makes me not want to continue playing the game. I throw money into the game but when I submit routes or pokestops they just sit in limbo.

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