NIANTIC this is really happening ??!!!!!!

I recently heard that Wayfarer had introduced a A.I. to grade the nominations like as 1st judge to determine if they will move to the traditional community evaluation...well now I confirmed that this was true and also verified that the critteria from the A.I. is a COMPLETE DISASTER

Many of my nominations were reject inmediately even when the nominations followed all the rules. I´ve read lots of complaints about this and the solution they propose is to send a email with all the nomination notes so that someone evaluate and determine if the A.I. was right... so I wonder isn´t this the role of the community during the valuation ? now why should take an extra step to decide if the nomination is valid or not ? (then the initial capacitation is useless)

Finally, many of the rejected nomination were ancient monuments, fountains in parks, historic architectures, etc , however during the evaluation of the nominations I found Hospitals, blurry photos, murals in SCHOOLS, etc, WHY the A.I. didn´t reject them ????"!!!!!!!!

The truth is that I no longer feel like trying try to propose other nominations and I think a lot of people will start to feel the same So, Niantic/WAYFARER do something and remove the USELESS A.I. and let the community be the one to rate.


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