Waypoint Approved then taken down twice.

I have a little free library we installed and made sure it was on private property with the HOA. It’s at a bus stop for the kids that go to school in the neighborhood. It was originally approved then taken down about 4 months later. I had it appealed and it was back for 5 days and taken down again. How to I contact someone do get an understanding why? There’s no notification or anything on it even being taken down so I have no idea how to reference it.



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    If you nominated it, you should have the details (grid coordinates and name) in your email when it was made. Use that in the appeal area of the forum and include up to date GPS tagged photos showing it at its location. Look around in that part of the forum to get a general idea on information needs to be include to make an appeal that's sucessful.

    If it's on private property, right there is good reason why it was removed. Is the comment "made sure it was on private property with the HOA" a typo?

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    If your LFL was indeed on Private Property, it should not have been approved by the community to start with - so it's the acceptance that was the error, not the removals.

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    Hello and Welcome @577SHOCKWAVE775-PGO

     made sure it was on private property with the HOA. 

    The reason lies in this statement, and if would help us to give an answer if you provided the coordinates and the 2 photos so we can look at your case.

    Do you mean that

    1. the area is a “gated” private community and that the little free library is placed on a communal area within that - you describe at a bus stop. So that the land it sits on does not belong to a single private residential property.


    2. the area it is placed on belongs to a single private residential property, near the bus stop and the homeowner association has sanctioned its placement at that point. So it is on a single private residential property but placed so that anyone can access it.

    1 is acceptable , 2 is not.

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    My reading of the OP's statement is that they built the LFL on their own property after checking with the HOA. Even if, as property owner, you don't object to the presence of a wayspot, it still should not have been approved.

    We Ingress players would all love a "lounge portal", and plenty of rejected submissions have been attempts to get one.

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