Doubt about accepted nominations

Hello everyone! I don't know if I should ask my question in this forum, but I want an answer about the following... 3 of my Wayspot nominations have been accepted, but they do not appear in the games, I understand that Niantic's statement reported that:

"While not all accepted Wayspots will appear in every one of our games, they will be available for future products to include as they see fit for their experience."

What catches my attention is that the 3 nominations are in the same park or square which does not have that many pokestops, I don't know if there will be a bug in that area.

I send the information, coordinates and images.

Country: Argentina

City: La Rioja

Title Nomination 1: Escultura del Pastor y las Ovejas (-29417409, -66891587).

Title Nomination 2: Ángel del Pesebre (-29417346 , -66891669).

Title Nomination 3: Zona de Juegos Plaza del Pesebre (-29417426 , -66892158).


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