Rejected report appeal

Title of the Wayspot: Le hibou

Location: 47.723289,-3.369575

City: Larmor-Plage

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: 

Photos to support your claim:

Additional informations:


Please pay attention to this portal. it is located in a private port area (355 meters of an accessible point) and does not have pedestrian access… maybe insufficient for initial report.

If we refer to the eligibility criteria of portals: it does not allow socializing, nor physical exercise (except perhaps drowning) nor the discovery of a place of interest partially due to limitation of access, authorized to my knowledge, to date, to only one player without illegal trepassing. I admit that i’ve trepassed one time to capture it and it was engaged. I will not do that again facing the law and the security.

I hope that you will pay particular and objective attention to this request.

thank you




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